John Wightman | Executive Chef

John Wightman was born in Southern California and later moved to Colorado in the summer of 1994. He lived in Littleton, Colorado for 21 years, working at numerous restaurants including Earls at Park Meadows, C.B. & Potts in Highlands Ranch and in the Denver Tech Center. John also worked at the Inverness Hotel in Denver before following a fellow chef across the state to Gateway Canyons Resort and Spa. Working every restaurant, food truck and fine dining venue available at Gateway, John decided yet again to follow another chef back closer to his home to Pelican Lakes Golf Club where he took the title of Banquet Chef. As Pelican Lakes and Windsor continues to grow and expand, John was given the opportunity to take over Ted's Sweetwater Grill & Trout Pond where now he feeds the community with great homemade food!